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Starting and Finishing

Starting something is very easy to do. Finishing that thing is where most people run into problems. You are able to see the final picture very easily in the beginning but that big picture starts to fade away as you get into all the minutia of the project. Trust me, I know this feeling pretty well. An all too common scenario for me is, I’ll think of some grand idea like becoming a professional luthier, or guitar maker, then I’ll start down the road and actually have a good time doing it. I realize in the beginning that I’m not going to be the best and that I just want to get something done and finished. It doesn’t really matter the quality of the first one because that’s just practice. It’s only after the second or third guitar where I start to realize that I haven’t gotten much better, when in all reality I have, that I just decide that I’m not good enough to continue and just give up. I lost sight of the bigger picture I was aiming for, I let excuses get in the way of success. No more will I let that happen, I am determined to put blood, sweat and tears into becoming a better developer, and a better person in general. I am willing to put the time and effort into the work.

The Next Steps

I am now to the point where I normally would try and convince myself that it’s not worth it and start to fade out of whatever it is that I am trying to accomplish. In this case it’s web development, but I am determined to continue down the path and start taking steps to improve myself little by little every single day. If I can have the discipline to improve myself, than there is no doubt in my mind, I will succeed. My next steps in learning web development is going to be to learn Sass. It’s an easier, cleaner way to write CSS and it will make creating websites from scratch that much quicker. I plan to make another mock website and move on from there. I’m excited to keep learning and developing websites!

What I’ve Been Up To

I have been busy with a lot since the last post. The holidays, coding, vacation. It’s been a last month and a half, but it’s back to the grindstone now. I started the 100 days of code community, I am currently on day 72 and have learned a ton during the last 2 months. I have made several small apps using vanilla JavaScript. I just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas which was incredible, didn’t get much coding done, but it was a much appreciated vacation. I’ve been working hard and enjoying time with family and friends. Now back to posting and back to working!

The Podcast

The show has been going great! We are on our 16th episode and we just started our first series on the show called, “Learning another language”. I’m super excited to be still doing the show with my good friend Kevin, we keep each other accountable for the show and for learning code in general. He’s been an immeasurable asset to all my successes with coding and in life lately. I couldn’t be happier with the amount of support we’ve been getting for the show lately, everyone that has commented or shown any sort of support thus far is so appreciated, we have a lot of fun making the show, so thank you to everyone listening!

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