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Day by Day

Every day you just have to do it. Nike got something right with their motto. Push through the sluggishness, push through the laziness, push through the procrastination, and you will see a better person on the other side. It can seem like a lot but trust me it is worth it. You will hit a lot of walls in the beginning and it’s completely normal to feel deterred, but man if you can just muster up the will to just push through that feeling and pick up the computer one more time. Just once, that’s all you need to do. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at one certain problem, and you’re sure this is the last straw, maybe take a day off and relax. Then once you gather yourself and recharge a bit, I almost guarantee when you come back to your project you will have a new understanding of it and solve the thing you were stuck on. It’s hard to believe what the mind can do when you stick to something. Look at exercise, when you do it day after day you don’t really notice any changes but in a year, you look at an old picture and you don’t even recognize that person anymore, that’s a testament to how powerful the mind and body can be when working together to achieve a common goal.

Focus, Dude

As soon as you get off track in the beginning it is so hard to get back on it. One little slip up, playing video games instead of grabbing your computer for a little practice in JavaScript, sitting down after work and letting yourself get distracted by YouTube videos instead of writing a blog you were supposed to write 2 days ago. Now of course this has nothing to do with me, just general advice to follow, anyways let’s move on. The better you can focus, the better you will be at creating a habit. The better you are at creating a habit the faster you can pick things up that will better yourself in the future, which is what I am all about! So focus up on that school project, focus up on that practice you’re supposed to be doing, focus up on that lesson you’re taking on “TeamTreeHouse“. Again nothing to do with me.

Podcast is Up

The first episode of mine and my friend Kevin’s podcast is up, it’s our first ever recording of anything so don’t expect the world, but it’s not too bad, if I don’t say so myself. It’s following two dumb-dumbs on our way to coding glory. You get to hear about our whole journey through the coding world from start to finish, as if there is a finish. Search for “Brackets” where ever you get your podcasts, currently it’s not available on Apple Podcasts (iTunes). But it will be soon. So go give us a rate and review, and as I say in the episode, “Subscribe us”. God I’m an idiot sometimes…


Stupid number guessing game. I’m still working on that game I was telling you about last week, nothing too special. I actually did make it work once by following the walk through exactly (I know pretty impressive). Now I am working on making the code a little less DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) by making functions for each one of the scenarios. It’s not quite working, here’s the link to the forum where I asked about this, StackOverflow.


Well as I said, I actually got the guessing game to work. I tried my hardest to not go off of the tutorial. I would look at the code, study it, then go into my text editor and write out as much as I could without looking back at it. I actually liked this technique, now I am just writing it a second time without looking at the first code at all. It worked out pretty well although I did have some previously stated problems. Now that I’ve got a better handle on JavaScript, time to get a better handle on HTML and CSS, and write a web page from the ground up!

Again check out our podcast on whatever podcast app you listen on, here is a link to the podcast which will take you to the Anchor website, where we published it from. You will be able to listen to it on a platform from there. But really, just look it up on your phone.

Podcast Graphic
Bracket Podcast


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