Making Progress

Seeing Yourself Move Forward

While learning a little more about Bootstrap’s framework through the Treehouse “front end development track” I decided to try a little extra on my latest project. It was adding a little accordion style drop down on list items, to display a little description for each of the separate items. This is where I usually get caught up and either give up or look up the answer. I decided this time that I would really try to find the solution on my own, just using the resources I could find online. The idea was to make it as real to an actual project as I could. Who would’ve guessed, I actually pulled it off! HALLELUJAH!

Chipping Away

It’s just so nice actually experiencing little milestones like this. For all the times that I’ve been discouraged and felt like quitting, that’s what makes the good times so damn good! It doesn’t have to be anything big, this big celebration, but it does feel nice. The more you do something the more familiarized you become with it. I know that’s nothing new that you’re hearing but it could not be more true. The only way I was able to code something like that from scratch was because I knew about what would happen if I put the code in certain spots. I only knew that because I’ve done it wrong so many times in the past. So just remember no matter how hard it gets, if you enjoy it just stick with it. It’s as simple as that.


I failed so many times on trying just to make a little description show and hide on my webpage. I tried a bunch of different syntax before I got it right. Just keep on going and don’t give up. That’s what I keep jackhammering into my dumb brain.


This whole post is kind of about my coding, but I will tell you that I’ve started now learning more about front end optimization. Meaning faster load times on the site as you enter it. Now I don’t know much about this yet but I think I can figure it out a little bit. The more graphics you have, the more JavaScript you use, the longer the actual site is. There’s a lot of factors that go into a faster load time I’m sure.

Thanks for visiting and remember keep on coding! Also check out my friends blog as well, he’s doing something similar check him out at tumblr.

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