10 Ways To Stay Motivated

10. Make Sure You Have A Passion For This

When you start coding, it’s hard to have a passion for what you’re doing. You most likely started learning because the end goal sounded cool, game developer, web developer, software engineer, woah, sounds awesome. Well that’s where the passion comes in. You don’t know much of anything at the start so it’s hard to keep that passion through out. Just make sure you love the process of learning and you’ll be fine!

9. Build, Build, Build

Something that has really helped me out with starting to learn, is repetition. Looking up a certain project, building it based off of the tutorial, then going off on your own, closing every other window on your computer and troubleshooting code a thousand times. Hopefully this helps you the same way it helped me. Starting out, you will find yourself getting stuck and not being able to even start pointing out why. Just keep at it and you’ll be fine!

8. Mentor It Up

Getting a mentor is huge. I can’t speak personally to this because I don’t have one, I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. But if you can, go to a meetup, a place where a bunch of newbie coders get together and talk about the things they can’t figure out and to share their successes (spoiler for later in this list). Mentors can be a very personalized way to get help on that one problem, or host of problems you’ve been stuck on, so go get one!

7. Maintain A Portfolio

It’s important to have an archive of all your old work. Not just for the obvious benefits of when you are looking for jobs, and need something to show them in the interview, but it’s nice to look back and see your progress. Make sure the things you have in your portfolio are things that you’re proud of, that way when you show people, it’s something that you are happy to share.  It’s a great thing when you can see how far you’ve come and didn’t even realize it, so save all your crap you’ve been working on, maybe later on you’ll look back on it and be able to fix some obvious mistakes.

6. “Nike Slogan”

We’ve all heard it before, JUST DO IT! Sometimes you can procrastinate the week away in a day. You just have to get off your butt and get the thing done you are dreading. This is a simple one but trust me it works.

5. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Keep yourself healthy is a great way to stay motivated. When you start going down the rabbit hole of coding for the last 10 hours, you realize you’re pretty damn sick of it. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated, fed, well exercised. It will do wonders that you don’t even realize. One good thing to do is meditate once a day, it can be very freeing to clear your mind for even a few minutes at a time, thinking of absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing, doesn’t that sound nice, and hell maybe you’ll even come up with the answer to that problem you’ve been having.

4. Be A Part Of A Community

Having someone to share successes with is a great thing, especially when you’re first starting out. This can come in lots of different forms, friends, family, coder groups, online groups (Brackets on Facebook, check us out!). There are lots of ways to share your problems and successes with people. Look at me I’m posting to the internet where 10 million people read my blog every post……

3. Have The End Goal In Mind

This can go hand in hand with number 10. When starting this journey you probably have something that you want to accomplish, whether it be some sort of engineer, developer, or you just want to learn some new skills. Always keep that end goal in mind. Write it down, have a picture of where you want to be when you reach it, picture it every day. If you keep that in mind you will succeed your goals!

2. Explore New Programming Languages

When you get stuck it can start getting frustrating very quickly, while most of the time I would recommend you stick with the problem you are trying to solve, maybe go on some forums, or ask some people you know from the group you are involved with. Sometimes it can get a little too much and you just end up spending too much time on one problem, that’s when it’s good to get a fresh perspective. Start from scratch on another language entirely. This may seem like a dumb thing when you’re first starting out but it can be really motivating when you know one language really well and are stuck. You will also probably surprise yourself on how quickly you learn the second language.

1. Teach

Now this is for the more experienced people, rather than the people just starting out, but you would be surprised when you think you can teach, versus when you can actually teach. Think about the people who are just starting out, they don’t even know what a <p> tag is. They couldn’t tell you the difference between JavaScript and CSS. You hold a lot more knowledge than you think you do! It can also be a great way to hold on to that knowledge, teaching allows you to remember a lot more than if you were to just learn it.


There you go 10 things that will help keep you motivated! A few of them I have not done myself but I plan to in the future, and a few that I have done and will continue to do throughout my entire journey! Now to the successes and failures!


So I actually have been doing pretty well in a lot of areas since my last post, but I did make the goal last week that I wanted to make a website from the ground up. I have started on that, but I haven’t done anything with it lately. I have been working on getting the roots of my JavaScript up rather than my HTML and CSS. So that’s my failure, I need to start working on the goal that I set of creating a website from the ground up.


I have some exciting wins this time! As I said I’ve been working more and more on my JavaScript, well it’s been very uplifting lately, because I’ve been able to troubleshoot my own code more and more every time I create some simple little game. Oh man, there’s no better feeling than finally being able to see the issue inside the code and fix it without having to do endless research! Celebrate the small victories!

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